Sunday, November 20, 2011

LadyLove Photography

So I created this blog because I was inspired by my business LadyLove Photography. As the owner I have assumed the alter ego of LadyLove and this blog is to share MY InnerSass since I am usually capturing other Lady's InnerSass'. I haven't been doing a very good job on keeping up to date with  posting and revealing my InnerSass as time is of the essence and so very limited in my LoveLand. (Yes, along with my "main" alter ego I have created an alter world that I escape to in order to keep my sanity. Or keep my insanity. ) So I would LOVE to share with you my baby. My love. My EVERYTHING. And promise to offer more shimmers into my InnerSass glimmer by glimmer.


True Beauty

 Life is difficult, however once we realize this fact and accept it life becomes less and less difficult. I read this fact in a book I had borrowed from a friend. The book: The Road Less Traveled. The friend: Ocoy Pearson. I feel that this friend of mine has been placed into my life by God as a catalyst of my own transformation. She is a bright spirit that like us all have our own struggles but the weight of her struggles brightens the light that no matter what we are going through we must push through. Be strong. Be courageous. The Lord said this to Joshua three times before he went to battle to claim the land for Israel and those four words are a key element in the book of Joshua as well as our outlook on life.

I use to work at a group home and was blessed to have my path cross  with a struggling girl not too much younger than myself. She was like the older little sister I had always wanted but never had. We would laugh and talk about serious life issues and grow from each other. She had been going through some pretty intense family issues and a Lady had given her the following story to her,

"You are going through a transformation in your life right now. It’s not what you think .It’s what you see and it’s inside you. Consider for a moment the life of a butterfly .Long before it ever takes to flight long before it even became a caterpillar it was an egg. Programmed into the egg is a secret code that will someday transform that egg  into something miraculous. The egg knows nothing about the secret it carries. The caterpillar knows nothing about what it will become. Everything it does is instinctive. It doesn’t have to think about it. It just does what it has been programmed to do.
Over the course of its life it will go through several transformations before it becomes what it was ultimately created to be. Who its parents were doesn’t matter. How it was treated as a young caterpillar cannot stop the process. Who its friends are, who its enemies were, how many mistakes it made, or how much money it earned does not change the code. It was ultimately created to become something wonderful.
Now for a moment, consider your own life. Take away every outside influence, including your parents, your childhood, your family, your friends, your past (good or bad). Your present and your future. What do you have left? Anything?
If your answer is a giant “I don’t know” You will soon discover the secret that will change everything you believe about your life so far. The secret really isn’t a secret, because it’s yourself, you still have YOURSELF and you always will! That’s why I want you to discover what you have inside. You can only do that by transforming yourself from a caterpillar into the beautiful butterfly you have waiting to emerge within you.
The butterfly must struggle to escape the cocoon all by itself. It can’t be helped to escape the caterpillar shell because if that is done in nature the butterfly will die, because it will not gain the strength it needs to emerge from within itself and then fly free. Our wish for you is to become the butterfly you are meant to be!"

How truly amazing this story is to life and all of its creation. We are all programmed for something beautiful.  Everyone contains beauty within and it is up to us to have faith in that fact and the knowledge to keep striving in life for that beauty. No matter the struggle someone else always has it worse and someone will always have it better. If we accept the life we have and strive for positive transformation then isn't that in itself the "True Beauty"?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kiss my SASS!!

When you see a beautiful 11 year old little girl crying about self body image you can't help but feel your heart break. At 11 years old my little sister broke down crying last night and was very hesitant in telling me what was wrong. After this big sister (a role I take to heart) applied some intricate prying techniques to get to the root of my little Lady's affliction, I found the cancer that had dimmed her light. Two little girls that my sister goes to school with have assumed the roles of bullies and whisper about her and give her dirty looks all the while staring at her stomach. Which in turn has planted the tumor of a distorted body image into my little Lady's thoughts having her think that she is fat. Now my little Tiki Kiki (a nickname for my sister from when she was a very little Lady!) is so far from fat that in fact she is the complete opposite. She practices mixed martial arts (MMA) at least three times a week, flips boys twice her size over her back and is a very active child. So as I listened to the hateful things that little kids do to each other I assumed the role of doctor to begin my very own treatments to remove the malice tumor that has planted itself into the thoughts of this little girl too young to be hurting over how she looks. 

With precision and the technique of Sass on hand I think I began my first successful round of chemo on the tumor of negative self body image. When I was about 12 years old I was definitely bigger than the other kids. At the age of 12 wearing a size 13, I was the fat girl. Teased by kids in my class wasn't a regular occurrence however the one time it did happen left scars in my memory to last to this day. I overheard two boys talking about how when I walked it sounded like Jello. I was heartbroken. I cried and the teacher somehow caught wind of the incident and mediated the situation. The memory was forgiven but the pain never forgotten. As the years progressed I only got bigger. At the age of 13 I weighed 150 pounds. At the age of 14 the scale read 170. There was a group of boys that always sat at the same lunch table together, some of which I thought were friends. Somehow my body image had become their target. I remember walking by them and they would call me the name, "Tafruoy". They were a rambunctious group of boys so I always thought that it was just some stupid name that they made up to be annoying. Never had I imagined how much hurt that word would cause, how much hate that word was saturated with, how much ignorance that word contained. I remember some would call me that name individually and sometimes if 2-3 of them were together. Then one time I remember walking up the stairs and their entire lunch table shouting "Tafruoy" at me. Frustrated the next morning before school as I was getting ready I decided to write down this word and try to make some sort of sense out of this word. So on a piece of paper I started writing.... "Tafrowy" "Taphrowy" Taphrouy" until I finally came to "Tafruoy" as soon as those letters were sprawled out on that piece of paper I had reversed those words to their true meaning, Y-O-U-R-F-A-T. A dagger to the heart, the tears became unstoppable, and I still had to face the day ahead filled with my tormentors and a heart full of hurt. Another deeply wounded scar that has been forgiven yet the pain still sits in a little piece of my heart. By the age of 17 I tipped the scales at 230lbs. Depressed and unhealthy physically, emotionally, and mentally my personal battle with my own self image tumor had poisoned my thoughts with suicide. I made an attempt by swallowing almost an entire bottle of diet pills. My cancer had become out of control. As years passed I lost weight and shrank my cancerous thoughts of self hatred and got down to the size I was at the age of 12. 

Using my experience as Dr. LadyLove's scalpel  to remove my Tiki's own painful tumor made the operation a success. Helping to heal my little sister's painful circumstances has empowered and inspired me to want to help others in the advocacy of Ladies positive self body image everywhere. Doing some research I have realized that their are quite a few people entering into raising people's self esteem movement. The media has served as a positive influence however, has had more of a negative impact on Little Ladies self image by plastering size 0's all over their highly viewed visual outlets. 

So with this I make my promise to raise awareness of how we must embrace everyone's body types and support a healthy lifestyle and not a size 0 or unrealistic body images. I promise to incorporate my new found self image activist role within the LadyLove movement and as always encouraging Ladies & Gents everywhere to find their inner SASS!! So that one day we can tell all of our haters to KISS MY SASS!!
 Lots of LadyLove,

Monday, May 23, 2011

Cuz We Are Living In a Material World...

 ...and I am a Material Girl...
That once owned these Material Girl Boots. Yes, sadly I said once. As in no more. As in the past. Very tragic. It pains me to even look at a photograph of them. Even though they looked a hellova lot better on this LADY!! Madonna, my LOV-A teamed up with her daughter Loudres and created the Material Girl Brand which led to the production of my favorite long lost boots. They were PERFECT because they had a lower two inch heal that made it perfect to throw these thigh high bitches on and rock running errands or be friendly with gravity for a night out on the town with the Ladies. I traveled with these sexy thangs to Florida and the first night we went out on the town I let my bestie borrow them. We met a group of Germans that night and she ended up down by the beach for a little kissy kissy face action. The next day as I was frolicking in the ocean mist she broke the bad news to me that she lost 3 things that night, her spanx, her morals,  & my boots. Apparently no one wanted the spanx because they were conveniently left in the sand and my beloved boots: MIA. *:-(  Man how I wish spanx were more of a hot commodity that night/day or whatever time someone decided to snatch up my lovelies. I didn't even get 3 full months with my footwear. I'm still salty and this incident occured in March Ladies & Gentleman. So devastating. Still dwelling on it, yes. I MUST have these back in my LIFE!!
This photo does not do these boots justice.

The Hooker Boots

 My Girl felt horrible and did buy me a new pair of boots. Do you know how hard it is to find a pair of thigh high boots in Florida at the end of March?!? Well we did find a pretty hot pair. However these bitches have a five inch heel and there is NO way of dressing them down to tote around town during the day without looking like a hooker working overtime

 So I've been aimlessly perusing the internet in search of my Material Girl boots only to get my hopes up a few times to only be let down by being redirected to Macy's website which doesn't house my sass-tasstic booties anymore. My purpose of this blog is my plea to YOU if you happen to run across these boots for sale ANYWHERE (and you better not be running across anything in MY boots that you found on Daytona Beach) please let a desperate and sorrowed Lady know. Appreciation radiated. 

Boots may come and Boots may go
Doesn't feel right you see
Experience has made me rich
Yet still so sad Bae-Bae


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Butterfly Effect.

With each flutter brings another snap shot opportunity. Shoot #2 Inspirations....AND GO!!

I wanna be a Pin-Up when I grow up!! Amongst other aspirations. 

Did I mention I LOVE to play Dress-Up?!? 

Which is how the inspiration for this shoot came about. It was one of those wear stilettos around the house day (great for toning the legs and feeling a little extra SASSY) I haven't worn these in for-EVA!! Cookie crumble #1.

 Well my addiction to Ebay came into play for 
cookie crumble #2
I just HAD to have a corset to match the I right?!? I mean COME ON!! A Lady has to do what a Lady has to do. So I bid .99 on this ensemble and WON!! Charlie Sheen needs some of the tiger blood pumping through my veins. RAWR!!
 Cookie Crumble #3
3 words: ruffle booty shorts

 Red Bows
 Pin Curls Galore!!

 Cig Extender & A Martini Glass

And that's the way the cookie crumbles...