Monday, May 23, 2011

Cuz We Are Living In a Material World...

 ...and I am a Material Girl...
That once owned these Material Girl Boots. Yes, sadly I said once. As in no more. As in the past. Very tragic. It pains me to even look at a photograph of them. Even though they looked a hellova lot better on this LADY!! Madonna, my LOV-A teamed up with her daughter Loudres and created the Material Girl Brand which led to the production of my favorite long lost boots. They were PERFECT because they had a lower two inch heal that made it perfect to throw these thigh high bitches on and rock running errands or be friendly with gravity for a night out on the town with the Ladies. I traveled with these sexy thangs to Florida and the first night we went out on the town I let my bestie borrow them. We met a group of Germans that night and she ended up down by the beach for a little kissy kissy face action. The next day as I was frolicking in the ocean mist she broke the bad news to me that she lost 3 things that night, her spanx, her morals,  & my boots. Apparently no one wanted the spanx because they were conveniently left in the sand and my beloved boots: MIA. *:-(  Man how I wish spanx were more of a hot commodity that night/day or whatever time someone decided to snatch up my lovelies. I didn't even get 3 full months with my footwear. I'm still salty and this incident occured in March Ladies & Gentleman. So devastating. Still dwelling on it, yes. I MUST have these back in my LIFE!!
This photo does not do these boots justice.

The Hooker Boots

 My Girl felt horrible and did buy me a new pair of boots. Do you know how hard it is to find a pair of thigh high boots in Florida at the end of March?!? Well we did find a pretty hot pair. However these bitches have a five inch heel and there is NO way of dressing them down to tote around town during the day without looking like a hooker working overtime

 So I've been aimlessly perusing the internet in search of my Material Girl boots only to get my hopes up a few times to only be let down by being redirected to Macy's website which doesn't house my sass-tasstic booties anymore. My purpose of this blog is my plea to YOU if you happen to run across these boots for sale ANYWHERE (and you better not be running across anything in MY boots that you found on Daytona Beach) please let a desperate and sorrowed Lady know. Appreciation radiated. 

Boots may come and Boots may go
Doesn't feel right you see
Experience has made me rich
Yet still so sad Bae-Bae


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Butterfly Effect.

With each flutter brings another snap shot opportunity. Shoot #2 Inspirations....AND GO!!

I wanna be a Pin-Up when I grow up!! Amongst other aspirations. 

Did I mention I LOVE to play Dress-Up?!? 

Which is how the inspiration for this shoot came about. It was one of those wear stilettos around the house day (great for toning the legs and feeling a little extra SASSY) I haven't worn these in for-EVA!! Cookie crumble #1.

 Well my addiction to Ebay came into play for 
cookie crumble #2
I just HAD to have a corset to match the I right?!? I mean COME ON!! A Lady has to do what a Lady has to do. So I bid .99 on this ensemble and WON!! Charlie Sheen needs some of the tiger blood pumping through my veins. RAWR!!
 Cookie Crumble #3
3 words: ruffle booty shorts

 Red Bows
 Pin Curls Galore!!

 Cig Extender & A Martini Glass

And that's the way the cookie crumbles...


Friday, May 20, 2011

Getting Ready For My Close-Up!!

Ectstatic to get in front of the camera!! Yes, I said that right. Every time I photograph some Sassy Ladies a little tickle of jealousy teases me. I want SASSTASTIC photos of ME!! So i set my intention free into the universe like a newly emerged butterfly taking flight for the first time. The wind fluttered back to me with each wing ruffle sending me the opportunity I desired. So for my first photoshoot I give you inspirations mused by my new-found palpitating flutter friend...
TuTu Bae Bae!! I will be wearing one similar to this. Handmade. Boo-yah.
Corset: Charlotte Russe 
Eyes: Crazy Glitter. Rhinestones. Feathers.  & of course Lashes For Days.
Hair: Poofy. Avant Garde. Messy.