Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What is LadyLove?!?

A versatile word: a noun, a verb, an adjective. LadyLove is a creation of my incessant imagination, a state of being, and ever evolving.  LadyLove is loving the essence of being a Lady. There are many different definitions of what being a Lady embodies, so let me explain a couple of the vital organs that bring LadyLove to life.
                The heart of LadyLove is a positive self image of herself. When a Lady appraises her worth at a high market value and loves herself she pumps respect, passion, and bliss to every cell of her being. With each loving heartbeat the Lady begins to radiate LadyLove like a ray of sunshine. This may be one of the hardest steps to becoming a Lady when we live in a world filled with self doubt and unreasonable body image expectations. I have an 11 year old sister who is already feeling the pressures of society to maintain an unhealthy physique. No matter the shape or size of a Lady’s silhouette, she must learn that it is the beauty that lies within and respect for oneself that illuminates the exquisite elegance of a Lady. If someone is not happy with the way they see themselves reflected in the mirror they must seek out the love and value to make successful changes which leads me to the power source of LadyLove…the brain!
                The mastermind of what gives LadyLove vitality is drive. When a Lady is determined to always improve and better oneself she pumps passionate signals throughout the body enabling LadyLove to exist within. The saying, “Everything happens for a reason,” Comes into play with this vital brain force of LadyLove. When you come to accept this fact you perceive life as it happens, the good and the bad. You celebrate the good and strive to become better. You learn from the bad and apply those lessons learned to experience the good. This positive perception brings LadyLove to life charging the communication to the trillions of connections that harmonize drive, determination, and ambition that makeup the LadyLove intelligence.  
                LadyLove also internalizes kindness, respect, grace, and those are just to list a few characteristics that animate LadyLove. It is my goal to awaken the LadyLove that is hiding within every Lady whether they know it or not and then capture it within a photograph so Ladies can cherish that moment when they first discovered LadyLove for years to come!