Monday, February 6, 2012

Business Sass!!

So one of my bestest friends Miss Ashley Ash has a GREAT fashion blog called Thrifty Little Pretties. She is always posting some of the great outfits she wears and enticing outfits she is inspired by and desires!! So in honor of my fashionista BFF I have been inspired to post an outfit that I wore to a business meeting that I had with her the other day! What business did we attend to?! Well she has been in the process of starting a proposal planning business called Those Four Words and I have joined in on the venture!! Check out her blog and our blog on our business adventure!!

 Hair: My hair is about shoulder length for this outfit I curled my hair and pinned it back twisting the sides in front at first and then using a barette to secure the rest of the curls in back. I also pinned my bangs back.
Yes I know I am a photographer but I take horrible camera phone photographs because my phone is so bulky and ginormous (I'm surprised that is an actual word!) So this is the best I could do to get some sort of effect of the outfit...Don't mind the messy Sass Station.                        
Black Dress Pants: Vanity $19.99
Black Blazer: H&M $19.99
B&W Corset Top: Vanity $24.99
V-Neck Black T-Shirt: I really don't know where I got this shirt but I wore it under the corset top to give it a slight casual feel. 
Jewelry: Forever Love
I Love the necklace it reminds me of a curtain tassle. It is made of longer cylindrical black beads. Rhinestone hoop earings. 

I love the details of this corset top. Ruffled back and button accents going down the middle and on each side.

Shoes: SE Boutique Olaf Bootie from DSW originally $79,99 I got them for $49.99 LOVE LOVE LOVE these booties!! I love the military-esque detailing. 

Stay Sassy!!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole...

 When I was a little girl my Grandfather (who was not a blood relative just a man that happened to cross my path and earn the name of Grandpa Gene) would always tease me about the little girl that fell down the rabbit hole. At the age of 5 I knew that it was Alice that chased the rabbit that would send her on an adventure to Wonderland after tumbling down into a fall injected with imagination. My Grandpa Gene would insist that it was some other Disney character that daydreamed their way into nonsense. I think this game of trying to convince me that everyone BUT Alice really fell down the rabbit hole would be the first ingredient for my fantasy land that I escape to when reality is just too real. This place is called LoveLand and ever since my debates with Grandpa Gene I’ve been adding the ingredients to the recipe of my very own Wonderland. Like Alice there is only one way to get to our created mirage, the land of my daydreams, LoveLand and that is to fall down the rabbit hole.
Falling down the rabbit hole feels as if you have taken an overdose of imagination. Your mind whirls so fast with ideas, images, and reflections of the creativity that lies within yourself. It’s as if your Muse just walked in the door and injected you with her inspiration flooding your bloodstream with ingenuity. And keeping Alice in mind you, “Think of six impossible things before breakfast.”  You fall with grace as your umbrella that you use to slow your fall. It gives you comfort that you won’t ever fall too hard when your falling down the rabbit hole. Ideas are born as you cascade. Possibilities are endless as you stumble. Impossibilities disintegrate the further down you fall. When you hit rock bottom you’re dizzied with innovative passion and you’re one step closer to LoveLand. 



The heart of LadyLove is a positive self image of oneself or what I like to call a Lady’s InnerSass.  It is my vision to promote Ladies to find their InnerSass and capture that essence with my photography. To achieve a positive self image of oneself is just one part to finding your InnerSass. 

You can also look at this embodiment of self confidence as an alter ego. Mae West applied her InnerSass by creating for herself a character named, Diamond Lil in which she turned into a playwright.

Another part to finding your InnerSass is to know what you love about yourself and emphasize on those characteristics. And for the areas within yourself you would like to improve you must set healthy goals necessary to strengthen your value.  This is no easy process but the reward is most beneficial once you find that buried treasure and exhibit the precious jewel of poised reliance I call InnerSass.