Monday, October 15, 2012

A new start...

Hello Lovelies! So it has been too long since I have visited my InnerSass blog and want to make this more of a regular thing. SO with some thought I decided to put some structure to my blog to make this more of a regular thing. I have so many ideas for posts I just never make the time to allow them to escape the confines of my brain. Speaking of brains, I recently had brain surgery which has been an enlightening experience and it has motivated me to push harder in the accomplishments of my goals and dreams. I will be doing a specific blog post soon about my experience which I hope will inspire someone. Life is too short and time can be your best friend or your worst enemy...right now we are working on our friendship. As I recover each day I am realizing that recovery relies on mental and emotional aspects as much as (if not more) physical capabilities. I have been amazing myself at my capabilities. But don't get me wrong there are days I would much rather be feeling sorry for myself and lay in bed all day but that has gotten me nowhere except a slip into depressive lapses of time. So this is my start to restructuring my life. I run a photography business and with that business I am dedicated to promoting positive self image and envision this blog in becoming a pillar of the foundation to that promotion. Some of the ingredients I would like to combine to help form this  pillar are inspiration and tips on how to create a positive self image or how to find your InnerSass and let it SHINE! And of course I will include things that help me radiate my InnerSass and posts that will talk about my journey on capturing it! I hope you stay tuned!!
Lots of LadyLove,