Monday, December 30, 2013

Manic Monday | Prepping for the New Year

So there's no doubt the biggest question that will be circulating this week, "What's your New Year's resolution?" Over the years I've made many resolutions, but like most they seem to stick around until the end of the month or if I'm really brimming with ::will power:: until the snow melts. I think it was about 2010 when I decided to do away with the traditional resolution and micromanaged my goals. Now I'm not saying that what works for me will work for you but I am hoping that maybe you will catch a little inspiration on how to organize your desired achievements for the New Year. 

I separate my goals into six different cattegories:

Emotional | Here I list goals that I can achieve that will keep my happiness consistent. I also list characteristics of myself I would like to improve. For example I tend to take on more tasks than I can handle at once and I need to remind myself to focus. I also have a goal to remain goal-oriented...if that isn't micromanaging, I don't know what is. Maybe I need to add, "limit micromanaging" to the list!

Mental | These goals include the things that I want to learn, classes I want to take, things to research, degrees I wish to obtain, etc. After all knowledge is power, right?!
Physical | Here's where the traditional New Year's resolution really comes in. I list my physical goals in this category. However, I stopped putting down a desired weight and instead just put that I want to feel healthy. I also list activities that I want to try and classes that I want to take like yoga.  
Spiritual | My thirst to learn something about many different religions is expressed under this category where I list tasks like reading different religious texts to learning about the Universal Laws, numerology, bio rhythms, etc. 
Financial | We all want more money, or at least enough to live comfortably and in order to do so I list the different amounts I wish to accrue in different accounts and I will throw in a desired credit score and some tips on how to obtain it. 
Life | AKA "The Bucket List" I want to write a book one day, dream in a different language and understand it, and orchestrate a flash mob just to name a few of my aspirations. 

Many of the categories bleed into one another but it helps me to keep things organized in my excessive attention to detail world that I have created for myself. I feel like the breakdown of the goals truly helped me with my ambitions. 

I usually update my lists about this time of year by crossing off things (which is a GREAT feeling) and usually adding things or changing some of the goals slightly to suit the new paths I have taken. Once the lists are complete I keep them in a spot that I know I will see them on a consistent basis so I can be reminded of the things I would like to accomplish. 

| Toolbox | 

Planner | This calendar has become my go to book for just about everything. I display my goals in the notes pages and will fill the planner with vision boards and inspirational quotes along with my schedule and immediate tasks that need to be completed. With technology and the multitude of apps I'm sure I could easily put all of my information into my phone but there is just something about having that hard copy that I can write in and update. 

Bill Book | I have created a binder to track my finances by documenting estimated income and what bills will be paid with each check. It's nice to keep all of my bills and finances in one book so when it comes time to budget everything is right there. I make sure to keep the book stocked with stamps, envelopes, and post its. If you are interested in my monthly budget worksheets you can email me for the template at 

 |Financial App | This app is great for tracking your finances!

Journal | I think that everyone should have a journal. Not only to express your thoughts and emotions  but to document important life events and express your creativity. 

|Dream Journal| I like to keep a dream journal to write down my dreams when I remember. 
|Dream Journal App | There is an app Called Dream Mood that I use to help interpret some of the symbols. It's great because there is a journal you can use and save the symbols you look up. I do like my hard copy journal, call me 'old fashioned'. 

Fitness App | Noom This app is great for setting fitness goals and tracking them. Check out my review HERE.

Check out some of the other apps that I like HERE.

These tools help me achieve my goals and allow me to organize the chaos I bring with me into the New Year. I hope that some of these might help you or at least catalyze you to become more goal oriented instead of stressing yourself out over trying to accomplish that one New Year's resolution. Life is a learning process and each year we learn what works and what doesn't. Don't beat yourself up over a failed resolution. Instead modify your goal and try to figure out why it didn't work in the first place in order to make progress. 

Here's to a New Year of growth and prosperity!!


"Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficuilties." 
-Helen Keller

Monday, December 16, 2013

Manic Monday | Be Inspired.

The last couple weeks of school had my brain running in overdrive and I couldn't help but feel my muse dancing circles around me taunting me with inspiration. With my time being consumed with final projects to complete and final exams to prepare for all I could do was push those creative thoughts into my brain's reserve. Now that school is over and I finally had a chance to clean my house and run some errands, this Lady is ready to  squeeze some of those juices out this week! Here are some of the things that have been inspiring me lately and I cannot wait to show you how I incorporate some of these ingredients into some LadyLove cocktails!

What has you caught up in the creative winds this week?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Manic Monday| Crafty Lady

Christmas is coming and the Goose is getting FAT!! Or so the song goes. This year Christmas is coming even faster with 6 days less between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is my favorite time of year because the Christmas Spirit is in the air and this Lady likes to get crafty and do all of the things that come with the holiday. Last year I made these cute little trinket boxes for my sisters and feel they make the perfect gift for any teenager! 

I found these cute little cardboard book boxes at Michaels Craft Store and was instantly inspired! 

I painted the book ends with paint and glitter-fied parts of it to add that LadyLove touch!

I hot glued some pretty fabric that I found in the fabric section at Walmart. The little quilt squares worked perfect for this part and glued some cute ribbon to tie the lid of the box shut. 

I had some glitter scrapbook paper that I glued to the inside to add some LadyLove pizazz. Then filled the boxes with a journal and some Fairy Dust with a little Love note...

...and VOILA! 

What kinds of crafts do you like to make for the Holidays?

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving LadyLovers!! 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Manic Monday| Captured Memories

Captured Memories

Captivating Lies

chemically induced onto this photograph

...burn it when you're through...

Snapshot Moments



Black & White Peace

Pull the trigger when you're through.


Focus on the LIGHT


and we're through

Monday, November 11, 2013

Manic Monday | Happy Veterans Day!!

In honor of all the Veterans out there, Those Four Words is offering a special discount! It is so easy to forget how much our Soldiers have impacted the way that we get to live our lives. So please don't forget to thank our Vets for the sacrifices they have made for us. I admit that I never realized the vastness of their sacrifices until I started work on a project with LadyLove Photography and my dear friend's Husband. I cannot wait to see this project come into fruition and feel truly honored to be asked to participate. Stay tuned Love-lies!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Manic Monday | September Issue

It's that time of year Ladies! You know fall is coming when Vogue's September Issue hits the stands. I was delighted to add this monster of a magazine to the shopping cart. I have yet to page through the 902 pages featured in this year's fashion bible but I did manage to thumb through the first few pages and to my delight came across the fantastical Chanel spread. Take a look below *:-)

Image Source: HERE

You can say what you will but Chanel and tea party sure do go LOVE-ly together in my book!! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to catch my fave snapshots of this year's September Issue. 

Have you gotten a chance to Vogue lately?!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013

Few of My Favorite Things Friday | MindBodyGreen

I'm not quite sure how I cam across this site but I am definitely glad that I did! This site is bountiful in so many insightful articles related guessed it...the mind, the body, and eating green! Sure it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out and you're probably hesitant to sign up for another email that will end up in your junk folder but I encourage you to give this site a chance and register your email address. 

Image Resource:

Some of my fave articles that I've read recently from this site:

Now GO sign up and get to reading and don't forget to put those reads into action *;-)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Manic Monday| Time

Another Manic Monday and time seems to be slipping through my fingers at an even more rapid rate. I continue to pile more tasks onto my plate. Instead of appreciating the completion of those tasks I have been beginning to resent the things taking away my time from my friends, my family and most of all myself. So today I take a step back, take a deep breath and remind myself to inject each moment in time with the things that I love especially the people that I love. 

Here are some quotes to help us ALL remember to take the Manic out of Monday today and every other day *;-)
Baudelaire time quote posted by Elizabeth Eastmond

Enjoy the time with your children...they will grow up and be gone on their own journey before you can blink

It's kind of a funny story!!!!!

Time quote via Carol's Country Sunshine on Facebook

Time Quotes |

Time quote via

Time quote via

Time quote via Ups, Downs, & Roundabouts at

Time quote via

Time Quote art print

All images courtesy of Pinterest

Monday, August 12, 2013

Manic Monday | Those Four Words Celebrates

My baby has reached a milestone this past week. My other business Those Four  Words has busted through the 10,000 hits barrier over at We are so elated that we decided to celebrate and thank our viewers with a giveaway!!

Go to our Facebook page HERE and share the graphic above and don't forget to "Like" Those Four Words, Proposal and Wedding Planners. Those steps will enter you for a chance to win a set of customized champagne flutes. The winner will be chosen on Friday August 16, 2013. 

Good luck, happy sharing, and as always stay Lovely!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Manic Monday | Bettie Page

Happy Birthday to Miss Bettie Page!! She helped define Pin-Up and radiated sex appeal!! 

Image compliments of Pinterest

In honor of this spectacular Lady's birthday Bettie Page Clothing is offering 25% their entire site for today ONLY!! Discounted items don't apply either, but it's still a great deal!! Here are some of my faves...

All outfit images compliments of

Le-sigh. Don't waste anymore time and go peruse these lovely pieces and let us know what you purchase or what your InnerSass is craving *;-)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday | Spring Break Twenty Eleven

                As any "typical" spring break goes we drank too much, danced until our feet hurt at night, and recovered with some sunshine therapy during the day. I am going to skip over the predictable details of the vacation and cruise you straight to the last day of my journey. It was 6am, Daytona Beach Florida, and I had woken up in the hotel room where the air conditioning had been overworked and the floor was carpeted with suitcases that looked like they had regurgitated their contents. I had wanted to sit in the fine sand granules, look out at the vast water mass, and reflect on my life. This sounds cliché and the thoughts are soaked with sentimental melodrama but as I sat on that beach the waves reminded me of life's cycles and its beginnings and endings that come with it. I had brought a pen and paper to imprint my contemplations. However, as I sat in the sand my objective turned from recording my thoughts to writing a letter to the man that broke my heart. As I began writing, I felt a peaceful forgiveness come over me as a wave danced toward me and tickled my toes. My right hand connected to my heart and translated my love for him into words. With each receding ocean wave I felt my animosities and hurt being pulled away with the same gravitational forces that tugged at the Atlantic. The contents of my heart flooded the hotel stationary with a mixture of print and scripted words that began smaller in size and increased then decreased as I ran out of space. I had concluded my thoughts by wrapping them up the side of the paper. I read my testimony, looked up at the oscillating water stretched out before me and shed a tear. I ripped up my printed illustration of my love and gave the pieces of my past a sweet kiss goodbye. The wave came back to me and invited me to let go. That is exactly what I did. I released my love with the confidence that one day it will return to me. The form in which my love will return is unknown but deep within my heart I know that it will come back more experienced and with an embracing glow, just like the warm sunshine that was warming my mind, body and soul at that very moment.  

 Alright Winter, we get love you some Minnesota. Dreaming of sunshine, green grass, and the smell of spring.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday | Green With Spring Envy

The other day I had a meeting with SCORE for Those Four Words and of course had to have an appropriate outfit for the occasion. First of all let me tell you a little bit about this non-profit organization. This company was created by a group of retired executives in Minneapolis that got together to provide mentorship for small businesses and their start-up process. Minnesota served as the first chapter for this company and they now have over 300 chapters worldwide! I definitely believe that this is one of the best kept secrets for any small business owner. As Co-Owner and Proposal Planner for Those Four Words, myself and my business partner have been prepping for this meeting for almost a year after attending one of their free workshops. 

Now back to Wardrobe Wednesday...

This is the actual outfit that I wore for the meeting but decided to switch it up a little and add my green heels (which you will see below) for the sake of this post. In all actuality I would have loved to have worn the green heels to the meeting but let's face it I live in MN where the weather doesn't always harmonize with my fashion choices. 

Boots | Madden Girl from DSW

Jeans | Mudd from Kohls

Shirt | H&M

Faux Pearls | Salvation Army

Blazer | Elle from Kohls

Heels | Bettie Page

Earings | Chanel

I finally got the chance to bust out this Coco Chanel inspired blazer and I had the perfect vintage Chanel earings to add to this outfits ambiance. The mint green color made up for the lack of spring we're experiencing in my neck of the woods. 

What are some of your fave fashion choices you have made so far this spring?!