Monday, April 22, 2013

Manic Monday | Bettie Page

Happy Birthday to Miss Bettie Page!! She helped define Pin-Up and radiated sex appeal!! 

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In honor of this spectacular Lady's birthday Bettie Page Clothing is offering 25% their entire site for today ONLY!! Discounted items don't apply either, but it's still a great deal!! Here are some of my faves...

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Le-sigh. Don't waste anymore time and go peruse these lovely pieces and let us know what you purchase or what your InnerSass is craving *;-)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday | Spring Break Twenty Eleven

                As any "typical" spring break goes we drank too much, danced until our feet hurt at night, and recovered with some sunshine therapy during the day. I am going to skip over the predictable details of the vacation and cruise you straight to the last day of my journey. It was 6am, Daytona Beach Florida, and I had woken up in the hotel room where the air conditioning had been overworked and the floor was carpeted with suitcases that looked like they had regurgitated their contents. I had wanted to sit in the fine sand granules, look out at the vast water mass, and reflect on my life. This sounds cliché and the thoughts are soaked with sentimental melodrama but as I sat on that beach the waves reminded me of life's cycles and its beginnings and endings that come with it. I had brought a pen and paper to imprint my contemplations. However, as I sat in the sand my objective turned from recording my thoughts to writing a letter to the man that broke my heart. As I began writing, I felt a peaceful forgiveness come over me as a wave danced toward me and tickled my toes. My right hand connected to my heart and translated my love for him into words. With each receding ocean wave I felt my animosities and hurt being pulled away with the same gravitational forces that tugged at the Atlantic. The contents of my heart flooded the hotel stationary with a mixture of print and scripted words that began smaller in size and increased then decreased as I ran out of space. I had concluded my thoughts by wrapping them up the side of the paper. I read my testimony, looked up at the oscillating water stretched out before me and shed a tear. I ripped up my printed illustration of my love and gave the pieces of my past a sweet kiss goodbye. The wave came back to me and invited me to let go. That is exactly what I did. I released my love with the confidence that one day it will return to me. The form in which my love will return is unknown but deep within my heart I know that it will come back more experienced and with an embracing glow, just like the warm sunshine that was warming my mind, body and soul at that very moment.  

 Alright Winter, we get love you some Minnesota. Dreaming of sunshine, green grass, and the smell of spring.